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Aliança Artesanal

Av. Dr. Bernardo Brito Ferreira
4730-716 Vila Verde

GPS: 41°39'16.61"N 8°25'56.12"W

Tel.: + 351 253 322 462

E-mail: aliancaartesanal@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lencosnamorarportugal

Open: monday to friday 9h00-13h00/14h00-18h00, weekends and holidays (only the shop) 10h00-13h00 e 14h00-18h00

Items: valentine’s handkerchiefs and other articles inspired by this theme


Artesanato do Gerês

Avenida 20 de Junho, n.º 45

4845-067 Vila do Gerês – Terras de Bouro

GPS: 41°43'29.0"N 8°09'45.9"W

Tel.: +351 917 492 427

Open hours: may to septmber 09h00-19h00; october to april 09h00-12h00/13h00-18h00

Items: wood work (kitchen utensils, trays, toys, decorative pieces, animals, ox carts, magnets, key rings and boxes)

Payment conditions: ATM Card, visa, mastercard

Artimúsica Instrumentos Musicais

Parque Industrial de Celeirós, 2.ª Fase – Lote B1

Av. Eng. José Rolo

4705-414 Celeirós – Braga

GPS: 41°31'03.1"N 8°27'40.6"W

Tel.: +351 253 673 151 / 937 232 211


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Artimusica

Items: handcrafted instruments

Cesteiros de Lanhas

Lugar da Igreja

4700-260 Lanhas – Vila Verde

GPS: 41°40'00.0"N 8°24'40.7"W

Tel.: +351 253 323 181/ 253 311 455

E-mail: irmaosgama@sapo.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Irmãos-Azevedo-Gama-218502931671725

Open hours: monday to saturday 09h30-12h30/14h30-19h00

Items: baskets (wicker) and furniture (bamboo)

Payment conditions: ATM card                      

Conceição Pimenta Artesanato

Lugar Forca da Lomba, n.º 341

4730-390 Pico de Regalados – Vila Verde

GPS: 41º40’52.61’’N 8º25’21.42’’W

Tel.: +351 966 530 427

E-mail: conceicaopimentaartesanato@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Conceição-Pimenta-Artesanato-1193468674039142

Open hours: monday to saturday 09h00-12h30/14h30-19h00

Items: decorative and utilitarian hand-painted ceramics  



Irmãos Baraça (Figurado de Barcelos)

Rua Santo Amaro, n.º 464

4750-462 Galegos Sta. Maria – Barcelos

GPS: 41°34'01.6"N 8°34'43.5"W

Tel.: +351 253 841 785 

E-mail: info@baraca-artesanato.pt

Site: www.baraca-artesanato.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009046965596

Open hours: monday to friday 09h00-12h00/14h00-20h00; saturday 09h00-12h00

Items: bandstands, saints and religious pieces


Lucília Dantas Artesanato

Lugar das Marinhas, n.º 464

4730-392 Pico de Regalados – Vila Verde

GPS: 41º40’43.46’’N 8º25’15.64’’W

Tel.: +351 961 895 315

E-mail: luciliadantasartesanato@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/luciliadantasartesanato

Open hours: monday to friday 09h00-18h00

Items: glazed hand-painted ceramics with tradicional motifs “Lenços dos namorados”; traditional embroidery from the Vila Verde region with motifs “Lenços dos namorados”

Maria Ermelinda Rodrigues e Elisabete Rodrigues Dias

Rua Arq. Borges Vinagre, n.º 350

4775-058 Carreira – Barcelos

GPS: 41º28’51.25’’N 8º33’07.83’’W

Tel.: +351 252 962 336

Open hours: 09h00-20h00 (except sunday afternoons and holidays)

Items: linen work, embroidered in sieve and valentine’s handkerchiefs



Oficina do Ouro

Avenida das Penas, n.º 158

4830-721 Sobradelo da Goma – Póvoa de Lanhoso

GPS: 41°33'53.4"N 8°10'56.7"W

Tel.: +351 253 943 945

E-mail: atendimento@oficinadoouro.com

Site: www.oficinadoouro.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/oficinadoouro.pt

Open hours: monday to friday 08h00-12h00/13h30-19h00; saturday and sunday one month in advance reservation

Items: filigree in gold and silver; 19 carat gold articles

Payment conditions: ATM card, visa, america express, mastercard


Paramentaria Vasconcelos

Rua do Anjo, n.º 55

4700-305 Braga

GPS: 41°32'56.3"N 8°25’29.8"W

Tel.: +351 253 262 669

E-mail: paramentariavasconcelos@gmail.com

Open hours: monday to friday 9h00-13h00/15h00-19h00; saturday 09h00-13h00

Items: liturgical vestments and religious images

Payment conditions: ATM card, visa


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