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Parque Cerdeira

Rua de Cerdeira, n.º 400

4840-030 Campo do Gerês – Terras de Bouro

GPS: 41°45'46.8"N 8°11'27.5"W

Tel.: +351 253 351 005




Reception desk hours: july and august 08h30-21h00; september to june 09h00-13h00/14h00-18h00

Area and Capacity: 70 000m2 – 600 people

Services: cultural and recreational activities, bar, library, bicycles, bungalows, canoeing, general safe deposit box, terrace, grill, handicapped facilities, internet, garden, minigolf, events, panoramic and tourist attractions, parks, parking lot, children playground, pedestrian trails, swimming pool, swimming pool for children, sports complex, restaurant, living room, playroom, security, laundry service, snack bar, supermarket, telephone, tennis and toilet

Parque de Campismo de Braga

Av. Dr. Viriato Amaral Nunes

EN 101 Braga/Guimarães

4715-214 Braga

GPS: 41°32'17.5"N 8°25'19.6"W

Tel.: +351 253 273 355




Reception desk hours: 08h00-23h00

Area and Capacity: 20 000m2 – 200 spots

Services: hot water, service station, vending machine, barbecue, swimming pool, playground, maintenance circuit, lake with canoes, panoramic restaurant and picnic area

Parque de Campismo da Cabreira

Lugar de Entre-os-Rios

4850-073 Cantelães – Vieira do Minho

GPS: 41°37'56.7"N 8°08'12.0"W

Tel.: +351 253 648 665




Reception desk hours: 09h00-22h00

Area and Capacity: 19 636m2 – 400 spots

Services: shower room, restaurant, tennis court, bungalows

Parque de Campismo de Fão

Rua S. João de Deus, n.º 40

4740-380 Fão – Esposende

GPS: 41°30'27.9"N 8°46'41.6"W

Tel.: +351 253 981 777 / 918 586 261



Reception desk hours: 09h00-12h00/14h00-18h00

Area and Capacity: 19 000m2 – 350 spots

Services: hot water, bath and baby-changing area, bar, service station for motor caravans, clothes line, handicapped facilities, dishwasher, washing machine, children playground, living room, playroom, supermarket, ironing board, telephone  and toilet

Parque de Campismo Rural

Rua do Parque de Campismo, n.º 125

4730-010 Aboim da Nóbrega – Vila Verde

GPS: 41°45'18.4"N 8°22'24.9"W

Tel.: +351 253 348 094/913 936 566




Reception desk hours: 09h00-18h00 (low season); 08h30-20h00 (high season)

Area and Capacity: 20 000m2 – 300 people

Services: shower room, barbecue, bungalows, hot showers, dishwasher and mini golf

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