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Festivals of delight


In Minho, with good weather come the festivals and pilgrimages, solemn moments, but also moments of contentment, where sacred is mixed with profane, where traditions are many times secular, but continuously open to modernism.


Folklore, orchestras and brass bands, popular singers, bagpipes and drums, sports competitions, handcraft, exhibitions and gastronomy are just some of the attractions found in Minho’s festivities. The streets come alive with decorated arches, proper illumination for the occasion and carpets of flowers. The night always ends in colour, with a fireworks show.


Respected and very sought out, the religious programs are characterized by various masses and majestic processions where hundreds of figurines parade through local streets in clear manifestations of faith and devotion.


In some places, festivities peak out all year long, filling the cold and grey months with celebrations of delight.


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