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Tradition also dances


A true ethnographical and anthropological archive, folklore is the highest expression of a population’s identity, a high-spirited display of their way of life and work, of their habits and customs.


Today it perpetuates the music, sounds and movements that have always been a part of the Portuguese lifestyle and it is in Minho that folklore is most animated and colourful, with its vibrant costumes, with the energy of its singing and dance steps.


Dances that were born over time, stripped of any particular theme, obeying only to the spontaneity and joy of living of a people that conventionally devoted its life to the countryside.


Music expressed through dynamic rhythms, complemented by traditional instruments, dressed with the clothing that symbolize an era and visible in all the feasts and festivals, in any corner where the language is spoken and where soul is Portuguese.


Do you care for a dance?

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