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Alvarinho Encostas de Paderne

Lugar de Além

4960-204 Paderne – Melgaço

GPS: 42°05'22.8"N 8°16'46.6"W

Tel.: +351 964 014 140

E-mail: encostasdepaderne@gmail.com

Site: www.encostasdepaderne.com

Open hours: monday to friday 09h00-12h30/14h30-18h00; weekend (through telephone contact)

Products: alvarinho wine “Encostas de Paderne” with or without oak cask fermentation, “Leira Seca” wine (alvarinho and trajadura grape varieties), pomace brandy, old pomace brandy and old brandy (colourless grape spirit) “Encostas de Paderne”

Observations: wine tastings by appointment


Anselmo Mendes Vinhos

Zona Industrial de Penso – Lote 2

4960-310 Melgaço

GPS: 42°05'27.9"N 8°19'13.9"W

Tel.: +351 251 418 193 / 919 440 714

E-mail: anselmo.mendes.vinhos@gmail.com

Site: www.anselmomendes.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/anselmomendesvinhos

Open hours: wine tasting by appointment

Products: alvarinho wine “Parcela Única”, “Curtimenta”, “Expressões”, “Muros de Melgaço”, “Muros Antigos” and “Contacto”; green wine choice, loureiro variety and sparkling wine “Muros Antigos”


Palácio da Brejoeira

Quinta da Brejoeira

4950-660 Pinheiros – Monção

GPS: 42º2’29.77’’N 8º29’33.30’’W

Tel.: +351 251 666 129

E-mail: recepcao@palaciodabrejoeira.pt

Site: www.palaciodabrejoeira.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PalaciodaBrejoeira

Open hours: 09h00-12h30/14h00-18h30 (closed on mondays from october to march)

Products: alvarinho wine “Palácio da Brejoeira”, old wine spirit “Palácio da Brejoeira” and pomace brandy “Palácio da Brejoeira”

Observations: 4 visit programs - “Palace”, “Estate”, “Palace and Estate” and “Alvarinho and Heritage”; sale of alvarinho wine for visitors only

Payment conditions: ATM card, visa, american express, diners club and mastercard



Provam – Produtores de Vinhos Alvarinhos de Monção


4950-045 Barbeita – Monção

GPS: 42º04’17.6’’N 8º24’06.4’’W

Tel.: +351 251 534 207

E-mail: geral@provam.com

Site: www.provam.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Provam-471821199536516

Open hours: monday to friday 09h00-12h0/13h30-18h00

Products: alvarinho wine “Vinha Antiga”, “Portal do Fidalgo” and “Contradição; alvarinho-trajadura wine “Varanda do Conde”; alvarinho sparkling wine “Côto de Mamoelas” and alvarinho-trajadura sparkling wine “Castas de Monção”

Payment conditions: ATM card, visa, american express, diners club and mastercard



Solar do Alvarinho

Rua Direita

4960-551 Melgaço

GPS: 42°06'50.4"N 8°15'37.0"W

Tel.: +351 251 410 195

E-mail: solardoalvarinho@cm-melgaco.pt

Site: www.cm-melgaco.pt

Open hours: 1st april to 30th september 10h00-13h00/14h30-19h00; 1st october to 31st march 10h00-13h00/14h30-18h30

Products: 26 producers and bottlers from the municipality; smoked products, honey, jams, sweets, cheeses, liqueurs, wine accessories and handcraft

Organization of “Alvarinho cocktails” for groups by appointment

Payment conditions: ATM card, visa, american express, diners club, mastercard


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