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Aguardente Bagaceira Casa do Toucedo

Travessa do Toucedo, n.º 156

4850-262 Parada de Bouro – Vieira do Minho

Tel.: +351 253 371 830

Open hours: 8h00-17h00

Products: homemade brandy (yellow and regional white)



Caves Campelo

Rua Joaquim Miranda Campelo, n.º 586

4755-362 Moure – Barcelos

GPS: 41º29'40.62"N 8º34'2.40"W

Tel.: +351 253 831 399


Site: http://www.campelo.pt/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cavescampelo

Open hours: 09h00-12h00/13h00-18h00

Products: “verde” wine "Campelo" (white and red);  "Tapada di Marquês" and "Mesa do Presidente" (white); "Solouro" and "Miranda" (white and rose); "Monte Seco" anda "Coração da Minha" (white and rose) 


Quinta do Tamariz

Rua de Cantim, n.º 106

4775-091 Fonte Coberta – Barcelos

GPS: 41º29’2.42''N 8º33’29.70''W 

Tel.: +351 252 960 140

E-mail: quintadesantamaria@mail.telepac.pt

Site: www.quintadotamariz.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/quintadotamariz

Open hours: monday to friday 09h00-12h00/13h00-17h00; saturday 08h00-12h00

Payment conditions: ATM card, visa, mastercard

Products: verde wine “Qta. do Tamariz”, “Tamariz” sparkling wine, "Qta. do Tamariz” old brandy, plant nurseries with fruit and garden trees

Particularities: visitors can visit the estate and taste the wines, experiencing the local traditions and culture (wine tourism)



Quinta de S. Cláudio

Rua Sobreiro da Costa, n.º 1

4740-183 Curvos – Esposende

GPS: 41°33'17.7"N 8°44'05.0"W

41°33'16.7"N 8°44'04.6"W

Tel.: +351 253 961 163 / 965 527 899

E-mail: pauloaleme54@gmail.com

Open hours: monday, wednesday and friday 14h00-18h00; saturday 10h00-12h00/14h00-16h00

Products: verde white wine “Quinta de S. Cláudio” and “Fontiela"


Terras de Amares

Avenida de Barriomau, n.º 158

4720-282 Carrazedo – Amares

GPS: 41°38'10.6"N 8°23'15.7"W

Tel.: +351 253 908 073

Site: www.casalata.com/_vinhos_terras_de_amares

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Terradamares-Vinhos-538651692881101

Open hours: monday to saturday 08h00-12h00/14h00-18h00; sundays by appointment

Products: verde wine "Terras de Amares" white (loureiro and loureiro selection variety)  and red; "Tamares" white  (loureiro e fernão pires varieties) and rosé

Payment conditions: ATM card, visa


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