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Fumeiro Augusta Rocha

Rua João de Deus, n.º 180

4850-535 Vieira do Minho

GPS: 41°38'05.9"N 8°08'27.6"W

Tel.: +351 910 980 666 / 967 221 315

E-mail: augustarocha04@gmail.com

Products:  sausage, meat sausage, black pudding, ham, tripes, flour and blood sausages

Payment conditions: ATM card

Lacticínios das Marinhas

Avenida 19 de Agosto, n.º 4399

4740-571 Marinhas – Esposende

GPS: 41º33’50.01’’N 8º47’10.23’’W

Tel.: +351 253 961 176

E-mail: geral@lmarinhas.pt

Site: www.lmarinhas.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Lactic%C3%ADnios-das-Marinhas-Lda-498218370201590

Open hours: monday to friday 09h00-12h30/14h00-18h30; open on saturdays in july and august

Products: cheeses and butters from Marinhas

Maria Natália Almeida

Rua São Pedro Fins, n.º 64

4720-201 Caires – Amares

GPS: 41°38'33.9"N 8°21'24.0"W

Tel.: +351 913 314 871

E-mail: mnna@sapo.pt

Open hours: 09h00-12h30 e 14h30-17h30

Products: citrus fruit

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