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Edified Heritage


Vinhal Manor House: the IIP classification includes the chapel and gardens. It is an 18th century construction, restored during the 19th century. Fortifications: S. Miguel-o-Anjo (in Calendário), Monte das Ermidas (in Jesufrei), Eiras (in Pousada de Saramago), Santa Tecla (in Oliveira S. Mateus) and Penices (in Gondifelos): are all from the Iron Age/roman era and considered IIP. Braga-Astorga Roman Road Milestones: MN, in Cabeçudos. Senhora do Carmo Sanctuary: in Lemenhe. Arnoso Monastery’s Santa Eulália Church: MN, in Arnoso Santa Eulália; this romanic church was built in the 12th century, although its foundation is many times attributed to S. Frutuoso. Landim Monastery Church: IIP, in the parish with the same name; romanesque church that belonged to the old Landim monastery, founded in the 11th century. Santiago de Antas Church: IIP, 13th century romanesque temple, situated in Antas. Ruins of the Cavalões Chapel, the old Almas Chapel: a 17th century construction, in Cavalões. Aflitos Chapel: in Carreira. Lagoncinha Bridge: MN, from the late 12th century, in the parish of Lousado. Camilo Castelo Branco House: IIP, in the parish of S. Miguel de Ceide, has been transformed into a museum dedicated to the writer’s life and work. Vila Boa Manor House: the actual structure is from the 18th century; in the parish of Joane. Pindela House, Farm and Forest: IIP, at the parish of S. Tiago da Cruz, the current structure dates from the 19th century. Magida Manor House: emblazoned house, in Calendário. Sta. Maria de Arnoso Stone Cross. Serves Bridge: MN, edified during the Middle Ages in the parish of Pedome. Medieval Bridges of S. Veríssimo (in Cavalões) and Gondifelos (in Gondifelos).


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