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Archaeology Museum

Gabinete de Arqueologia Parque da Devesa | Casa do Território

Rua Fernando Mesquita, n.º 2453 C  

4760-034 Antas – V.N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º24’35.75’’N 8º30’28.86’’W

Tel.: +351 252 374 184

E-mail: arqueologia@vilanovadefamalicao.org

Site: arqueologia.vilanovadefamalicao.org

Horário: monday to thursday 09h00-13h00/14h00-18h00; friday 09h00-12h00; saturdays, sundays and holidays 14h30-18h30


Permanent exhibition of the archaeological finds collected in archaeological sites from the municipality, dating from the 3rd millennium B.C. to the 12th and 13th centuries A.D.

Bernardino Machado Museum

Rua Adriano Pinto Basto, n.º 79  

4760-114 V. N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º24’27.71’’N 8º 31’9.57’’

Tel.: +351 252 377 733

E-mail: museu@bernardinomachado.org

Site: http://www.bernardinomachado.org/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MuseuBernardinoMachado

Open hours: tuesday to friday 10h00-17h30; saturday and sunday 14h30-17h30


It is a Museum of contemporary history that begins with the private collection of Bernardino Machado and portrays the life and work of this statesman

Castro Alves Foundation’s Ceramics Museum

R. Comendador Castro Alves, n.º 391

4765-053 Bairro – V.N. Famalicão

GPS: 41°22'31.26"N 8°25'30.71"W

Tel.: +351 252 931 053

E-mail: fundacao@fundacaocastroalves.org

Site: http://www.fundacaocastroalves.org/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Fundação-Castro-Alves-386945481385620

Open hours: monday to friday 9h00-12h00/14h00-17h00


Permanent exposition of ceramic pieces created in the Foundation’s School. The visit can be complemented with a stop at the craftsmen’s

Colonial War Museum

Parque Largo Discount 

Rua Senhor dos Perdões  

4760-727 Ribeirão – V.N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º22’04.90’’N 8º32’56.42’’W

Tel.: +351 252 322 848

E-mail: museuguerracolonial@adfa.org.pt

Site: www.museuguerracolonial.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/museuguerracolonial

Open hours: tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays 14h30-18h00


The history of the colonial war is narrated by documents and objects belonging to the actual soldiers. In the entrance, some of the warfare pieces used during the colonial war can be observed

Cupertino de Miranda Foundation Museum

Praça D. Maria II    

4760-111 V. N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º24’21.56’’N 8º31’7.05’’W

Tel.: +351 252 301 650

E-mail: geral@fcm.org.pt

Site: http://www.fcm.org.pt/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FundacaoCupertinoMiranda

Open hours: monday to friday 10h00-12h30/14h00-18h00 (during the period of temporary exhibitions)

Closed on sundays, weekends in august and holidays


The museum’s works are represented by collections of paintings, drawings, sculptures and engravings, mostly by portuguese surrealistic artists

House of Camilo – Museum-Studies Centre

Av. de S. Miguel de Seide, n.º 758  

4770-631 S. Miguel de Seide – V.N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º23’48.7’’N 8º27’49.35’’W

Tel.: +351 252 309 750/252 327 186

E-mail: geral@camilocastelobranco.org

Site: http://www.camilocastelobranco.org/


Open hours: Museum – tuesday to friday 10h30-17h30; saturday and sunday 10h30-12h30/14h30-17h30; Study Center – monday to friday 10h30-17h30; saturday and sunday 10h30-12h30/14h30-17h30

House where the writer lived and now transformed into a museum dedicated to the life and work of Camilo Castelo Branco

Lapa Chapel Sacred Art Museum

Lg. Tinoco de Sousa   

4760-108 Vila Nova de Famalicão

GPS: 41º24’36.74’’N 8º31’19.72’’W

Tel.: +351 252 320 900

E-mail: museuartesacra@vilanovadefamalicao.org

Site: www.cm-vnfamalicao.pt

Open hours: tuesday 10h00-13h00; thursday 14h30-17h00


Here we may find a collection of decorative and devotional pieces, items of cultural use, as well some important documents

National Railway Museum – Lousado Section

Lg. da Estação, n.º 2   

4760-623 Lousado – V.N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º21’04.70”N 8º31’37.60”W

Tel.: +351 252 153 646 / 252 153 646

E-mail: museuferroviario@vilanovadefamalicao.org / museu@fmnf.pt

Site: http://www.fmnf.pt/ / http://www.patrimoniodefamalicao.org/ www.cm-vnfamalicao.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Museu.Nacional.Ferroviario

Open hours: sunday to friday 10h00-17h30; weekend and holiday 14h30-17h30

The exhibition of rolling stock is made chronologically from 1875 to 1965, aiming to show its various typologies

Old Automobile Museum

Largo Discount, Lote 48 B   

4760-727 Ribeirão – V.N. Famalicão

GPS: 41°22'07.29"N 8°32'47.04"W

Tel.: +351 252 314 045
E-mail: museudoautomovelfamalicao@gmail.com 

Site: www.cm-vnfamalicao.pt

Open hours: tuesday to saturday 10h00-12h30/14h30-17h30

Closed im August

The majority of the vehicles exhibited belong to the members of the Old and Classic Automobile Club of V. N. de Famalicão, the Association of Antique Automobile Clubs of the North and some national collectors

Soledade Malvar House-Museum

Avenida 25 de Abril, n.º 104   

4760-101 V. N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º24’29.94’’N 8º31’14.74’’W

Tel.: +351 252 318 091

E-mail: soledademalvar@vilanovadefamalicao.org

Site: http://www.vilanovadefamalicao.org/

Open hours: tuesday to friday 10h00-17h30


It has in its estate a diverse collection of antiques dating from the 18th century to the 19th century

Textile Industry Museum

Rua José Casimiro Silva, Outeiro   

4760-355 Calendário – V. N. Famalicão

GPS: 41º24’6.28’’N 8º31’52.88’’W

Tel.: +351 252 313 986

E-mail: geral@museudaindustriatextil.org

Site: http://www.museudaindustriatextil.org/

Open hours: tuesday to friday 10h00-17h30; saturday and sunday 14h30-17h30


It presents an overview of the historical evolution of the industrialization of the region, as well as observe a fascinating collection of historic textile machinery in operation showing the evolution of spinning and weaving techniques throughout the ages

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