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Edified Heritage


Celorico Pillory; Arnóia Castle: MN. Castle built on rocks, of medieval foundation, constituted by a quadrangular battle tower; Arnóia Monastery: old Benedictine monk monastery probably built before the institution of our nation; Castle Pillory: IIP, a 16th century construction and “Wire Bridge”: a bridge built with cables of intertwined wire and a wood platform, suspended over the Tâmega River. All are located in Arnóia. Boavista House (the IIP classification includes the garden and its decorative elements), Outeiro House (IIP, was rebuilt in 1860, after a fire almost completely destroyed it): both manor houses are situated in Veade and Canedo House (also known as Barreiro House, it is a 17th century manor house, in Canedo de Basto). Campo House: located in Molares, a magnificent and genuine 18th century Minho manor house, with granary, threshing-floor, porch and a splendid camellia garden, where Portugal’s oldest flowering green stands. Souto Manor House (17th century building) and Gondarela House (another one of the municipality’s baroque manor houses, it is known for its garden): both are located in Basto S. Clemente. Vila Boa Stela: IIP, in the parish of Rego. It was reused as the base of a stone cross.


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