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Cabreira Mountain


In the villages of the Cabreira Mountain a strong community spirit stands, which is an important patrimonial legacy, seeing as it is associated to the soil’s richness and the abundance of water courses. An idyllic scenery that is marked by many traditional granite houses. Small rural settlements that also contain traces of ancient times: archaeological ruins, windmills, monuments or manor houses, all of which can be glimpsed in the horizon and that testify the existence of the Basto people. Linen and wool are skilfully transformed into different decorative objects or utilities. The highlight goes to the handcrafted wool blankets and socks, perfect for warming you up on cold windy days. On the countryside the beauty of local natural resources dominates, creating a wonderful scenario for BTT rides, hiking trails or for rock climbing. The genuine characteristics of the village of Busteliberne and Moinhos de Rei (“King’s Mills”) the ponds and leisure areas, arts and traditional crafts, rural patrimony, such as the Carrazedo granary, considered the largest in Minho (has the capacity to store 14 to 18 tons of corn), deep-set traditions such as watering the cattle before sunrise on the morning of S. João in the village of Moscoso or a bucolic place called Porto D’Olho, are some great reasons to visit the Cabreira Mountain. Wrapped up by surrounding natural landscapes of great beauty, it is rich in traditions, know-how and flavours.


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