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The Village


From Cabeceiras de Basto one can say, in the true meaning of the word, that is one of the most graceful and well planned towns in the entire region, by its complete balance between modernity and the careful preservation of the memory of other times. S. Miguel de Refojos Monastery situated in the heart of the town, located in the República Square, is the most emblematic building and key element of the “cabeceirense” scenery. According to some it was founded in the year 670 by Hermígio Fafes or, according to others, by D. Gomes Soeiro. It currently houses the town hall, the courthouse, the S. Miguel de Refojos Day School and the Church. The renovations it has undergone in a recent past have valorised its magnificence and turned it into a place that must be visited as the entire town. Right next to it, the Casa do Tempo de Cabeceiras de Basto (“Time House”) , under the brand known as “To Know is to Remember” and opened to the public since August 2013, allows visitors, through the use of new information and communication technologies, to learn about local dynamics and Of the tourist potential that the municipality closes. A true Centre of Interpretation, a 'showcase' of history, uses, customs, nature, territory and people, Casa do Tempo has been, since June 2015, a UNESCO Centre, since then committed to defend the values of this international organization.


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