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Summer and Winter Pastures
Typical of Minho’s mountainous zones, the summer pastures, are important marks of the region’s ethnological heritage, traces of a communitarian way of life that is slowly disappearing. The mild summer pasture (Branda) is a space of seasonal use, with a secondary occupation, especially connected with the summer agricultural and pastoral uses, as opposed to the traditionally more permanent (Inverneira) winter pasture. Usually they occupy places of 600 meters above the sea level, substantially higher than those that are associated with winter pastures (Inverneiras). A benchmark example of interaction between these two is presented in the parish of Gavieira; places of Roussas, Tibo and Igreja in direct relation with former inverneiras linked to a more permanent space use, matching them with the mild summer pastures of S. Bento do Cando, Gorbelas and Junqueira, grown in summer, where the local workforce seasonally  seats.
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