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Valentine's Handkerchiefs


Valentine's Handkerchiefs represent simplicity of making, where colours, misspellings, simple but deep purity messages, mark the creativity and knowledge of women. They are testimonies to the traditional art and culture of Vila Verde from ancient times. True ambassadors of the local handcraft and with a unique symbolism, the Valentine's Handkerchiefs translate feelings of affection towards the sweetheart. If he was interested in dating, he would wear the scarf around his neck. These handkerchiefs were first used by noble ladies in the 17th and 18th centuries and later adapted in a simpler way by the peasant women. The materials used as well as the motifs were changing, somewhat in accordance with the taste and possessions of whoever embroidered them. More or less colourful, with loose phrases or rhymes, with patterns to the liking of each embroiderer, these scarves are true works of art, used nowadays for decorative purposes only and with multiple applications. So charm yourself in this travel through the trails of love! Make your own handkerchief or try to touch it and let yourself be flooded by the sensations contained in these embroidery once made by girls in love.

"Here is my heart.

And the key to open it

I don’t have any more to give

And you don’t have any more to ask me"

Lenço das Quadras, Vila Verde, 1950


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