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Mixões da Serra


Mixões da Serra (in Valdreu) is a genuine village with typical houses, pillory and granaries. Unveil the history of the St. António de Mixões da Serra Church, stage of the century old Blessing of the Animal in June, and climb the staircase that will take you to a stunning belvedere. Enjoy the leisure area or venture along the Mixões da Serra Route, a cycle tourist route. On the slope of this elevation, the village of Gondomar has many archaeological remains, standing out a dolmen and a medieval Christian grave. The “Fojo do Lobo” (wolf trap), classified as a monument of municipal interest, is the local ex-libris. Discover the surroundings and explore the typical places of Bezeguimbra and Cabaninhas (Valdreu), Nogueira (Gondomar), Casais de Vide, Pequenina and Povoadoura (Aboim da Nóbrega) and enjoy some rural tourism houses and the camping park.


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