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North Coast Natural Park


Created in 1987 as the Protected Landscape of Esposende’s Coast, it adopted its current designation – North Coast Natural Park – in 2005 and its 8887 hectares includes a number of natural habitats: the sea and the coastal reefs, the beach, the shoreline dunes, the Cávado and Neiva estuaries, pine forests and broad-leaved trees. Its purpose is to contribute to the sustainable development of these natural resources, through the inventory and attendance of the many existing fauna and flora species, among others. A rich natural patrimony composed by the eruca, the thistle-marine, sand couch, beach grass, toadflax (linaria), among others, which are joined by a great density of pine trees. In the estuaries, the salty grasslands and the halophilous vegetation are the most common habitats, especially the rush and armeria. Inside the NCNP, 211 vertebrate species were inventoried, divided into birds (osprey, capped heron, fish hawk…), mammals (otter, fox, squirrel...), fish (eel, rock bass...), reptiles and amphibians (green lizard, water snake, green frog...). Inserted in a very popular tourist zone, the NCNP has various points of interest besides the ones already presented: on the Cávado River’s right bank, the Suave Mar, S. Bartolomeu and the Marinhas beach; on the left bank you’ll find Ofir, with its extensive beach, and Apúlia, which is characterized by its seaweed gatherers, is also known for its vast offer in terms of restaurants.


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