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The Village of Fão

Located on the Cávado River’s left bank, the typical village of Fão is characterized by a marked neighborhood spirit, a famous gastronomy, with emphasis on seafood and the famous “clarinhas”, and many other pleasant surprises. The main tourist attractions are its streets and alleys, gardens and its patrimonial heritage, mostly of religious kind, with special focus on the famous festivity in honour of the Bom Jesus de Fão which takes place every year on the Low Sunday. From the long and inviting riverside promenade, one can set off (either by car or on foot) to discover through the beautiful pinewood one of the most exciting beaches of the Minho region – Ofir. With an extensive sandy shore, the dunes with its small fences and attractive walkways, lead the walker to a strategically located lookout between the sea and the river from which it a fantastic view can be enjoyed, including the town of Esposende. Gather a wide variety of restaurants and B&B accommodation and we have the perfect combination. 

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