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Edified Heritage

Lanhoso Castle: MN, dates back from the 12th century and is now transformed into a museological space. Lanhoso Fortification: IIP, fortified settlement with traces of human occupation from the chalcolitic to the Roman era; visitors may enjoy an interpretative trail and the Interpretation Centre. Lusitanian-Roman Road: IIP, the road that leads to the Castle and to the Senhora do Pilar. Nossa Senhora do Pilar Sanctuary: situated on the Pilar Mountain, this sanctuary has several chapels, representative of the stations of the cross, with groups of polychromic wood sculptures. Lanhoso Church: small granite temple, with a romanesque base structure that has undergone changes over time. Póvoa de Lanhoso Misericórdia Hospital or António Lopes Hospital: the IIP classification refers to the main gate. Theatro-Club: MIP, edified in 1904/1905 this late neoclassic style building was designed by the Architect Moura Coutinho and its Art Nouveau decoration is attributed to the Architect Ascensão Machado.


Nossa Senhora de Porto d’Ave Sanctuary: in the parish of Taíde, a baroque marian sanctuary, enhanced by its 18th century tile-lined interior. Fontarcada Church: MN, 12th century romanesque temple, in Fontarcada. São João Baptista de Rei Church: IIP, in the parish with the same name; the altar piece’s national style carvings from the first quarter of the 18th century are striking. Verim Church: transition romanesque temple from the 12th and 13th centuries. Some traces of the prior Benedictine temple can still be found. In Verim. Machados Tower: medieval construction, in Ferreiros. Manorial House or Costa House: IIP, in the parish of Geraz do Minho; a rural collection formed by a probable 16th century house and stairs from the same time period, as well as two armorial gates. Mem Gutierres Bridge: MN, late romanesque bridge, in Esperança. Prozelo or Porto Bridge: MN, medieval bridge, one of the oldest in the Cávado Valley. In Águas Santas. Monsul Pilory: IIP, in the parish with the same name. Moure Pillory: by the Moure Church. Villa Beatriz House and Gardens: MIP, in the parish of Santo Emilião.

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