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Although the origin of filigree in Portugal is unknown, there are indications suggesting that it may have been in this municipality that this art was practiced for the first time. The northern part of the country was a place of gold exploration since roman times, which motivated the settling in of various goldsmiths in this region. The abundance of precious metals allowed the development of luxurious jewellery that even today maintains its craft-like form, and was passed on from generation to generation. Filigree, which is the technique of working gold-wire, is applied in unique ways to many pieces of our traditional jewellery, be it objects of personal use or for religious aspects. It is possible to find theses models of true filigree gems and artwork, for sale in all of the region’s jewellery shops. The Travassos Museum of Gold, with its doors open since 2001, appeared precisely to commend and dignify all the work that goes into the skilful managing of this mineral, through different activities, such as exhibitions, editions or visits to local workshops – in Sobradelo da Goma there are still many active workshops. To buy or just observe, it is worth discovering these pieces of exceptional beauty.

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