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Castro Laboreiro


Inhabited since ancient times, Castro Laboreiro, finalist of the 7 Wonders of Portugal – Villages in the category of Remote Villages,  was once one of the most important fortifications of roman culture in Portugal and sustained one of the country’s, or maybe even of the world’s, largest concentration of megalithic monuments, most of which were destroyed over time. With strong community traditions, this place still maintains today, some of those unique characteristics. The history and ethnography can be seen from the asset of pieces at the Museum which deserves a visit. With a striking conservative population, many of the old customs can still be witnessed, such as the way older women dress or in the language used or even in the handcraft produced. Castro Laboreiro is also known for its smoked ham and sausages, prepared the old-fashioned way by talented hands and based on the knowledge of many years. But there are still other attractions. A native of the Soajo Mountain and of the Castro Laboreiro plateau, the Castro Laboreiro dog has become known for being a guard dog, a shepherd that defends the herd from the attack of wolves. Its specific genetic characteristics have granted him great prestige in the eyes of national breeders. If to all this we add a breathtaking landscape, hillsides covered with dense vegetation and waters that run freely, possible to discover through the various existing trails, we certainly have a paradise worth getting to know.


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