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The Village

With the impressive Minho River as its backdrop, when visiting the heart of the village of Monção, you’ll be taking a marvellous trip in time, especially when you stop to admire its medieval center, parish church And in the walled fortress that surrounds the historic quarter. Stage of many emotional episodes, the women, the so called “Heroines of Monção” as they are still remembered today, were protagonists in historical fights. This was the case of Deu-la-Deu Martins, whose coat of arms is in Largo do Loreto and the sculpture in the bastion of Our Lady of the Vista, a mythical heroine who, during a siege by the Castilian troops, takes command of the Monção defense. The story goes that Deu-la-Deu Martins, in a mixture of courage and audacity, gathered the last flour and threw the loaves to the invaders, making them believe that inside the walls there was plenty. Deceived, they raised the siege, thinking that inside the fortress would resist for a long time.

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