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Alvarinho Museum

Praça Deu-la-Deu, n.º 14   

4950-452 Monção

GPS: 42°04'43.1"N 8°28'54.1"W

Tel.: +351 251 649 009

E-mail: dec@cm-moncao.pt
Open hours: summer 09h30-12h30 e 14h00-18h00; winter 9h30-12h30 e 13h30-17h30

Closed: monday

Alvarinho Wine is a unique and distinguished product with a high importance in the economy of many Moncão families and supports the cultural and historical identity of the municipality

Monção Museum House-UM

Rua Conselheiro João da Cunha, n.º 46  

4950-469 Monção

GPS: 42º04'38.0'’N 8º28'51.0''W

Tel.: +351 251 652 104

E-mail: casamuseumoncao@reitoria.uminho.pt

Site: www.casamuseumoncao.uminho.pt

Horário: tueday to friday 09h00-12h30/14h00-17h30; saturday 14h00-18h00

Its function is to value and disseminate the whole of the estate as an expression and testimony of the way of life of a family of the upper bourgeoisie in the first half of the 20th century

Rural Museum of Longos Vales

Antiga Escola Primária do Cesto   

4950-204 Longos Vales – Monção

GPS: 42º3’9.49”N 8º26’57.58”W

Tel: +351 251 653 511/ 969 073 141

Open hours: visits by appointment


It shows utensils of field, of kitchen and objects connected to the linen. In this way, anyone who passes through this cultural space can relive experiences of old and appreciate various implements and objects related to work in the field

Torre de Lapela Museological Centre

Rua do Castelo  

4950-149 Lapela – Monção

GPS: 42º3'23.3'’N 8º32'17.7''W

Tel.: +351 251 649 000

E-mail: patrimonio@cm-moncao.pt

Open hours: friday 14h00-19h00; saturdays and sundays 10h00-12h30/14h00-19h00

The Lapela Keep now transformed into a Museum, maintains its imposing posture and shows a more attractive silhouette to welcome residents and visitors, ensuring greater contact with local history

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