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Valença Museological Nucleus
Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque
4930-733 Valença
GPS: N 42º 1’52.81’’/ W 8º 38’41.09’’
Tel.: (351) 251 806 020
Fax: (351) 251 806 029
E-mail: nmuseologico@cm-valenca.pt
Open hours: Tuesday to Friday 09h00-17h00; Saturday 09h00-12h30/13h30-17h00
Located in the former Town Hall in the town’s Stronghold, it addresses different aspects of historical memory and identity of Valencia: from the presence of ancient human communities, through training and development of the Fortress during the medieval period.
National Railway Museum - Valença Section
Estação da CP – Largo da Estação
4930-692 Valença
Tel.: (351) 249 130 255
Fax: (351) 211 021 773
GPS: N 42º 1’30.09’’/ W 8º 38’23.56’’
E-mail: se@fmnf.pt
Visits by appointment
This space occupies the Valença station’s old locomotive coach-house. Along with other important artefacts, a 19th century train can be seen – all but its first class carriage was built in 1886.
Taião Rural Museum
Lugar de Cima – Taião
4930-552 Valença
GPS: N 41º 59’51.35’’/ W 8º 35’39.41’’
Tel.: (351) 251 825 134
Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday 14h00-18h00
Opened in 1996, in the parish of Taião, this museum brings together a valuable legacy, with traditional and regional culture pieces, and where the Taião costume, elaborated with the use of traditional weaving techniques, is noteworthy. Various utensils utilized in the wolfram mines are also worth notice.
Permanent Exhibition of Weights and Measures
Mercado Municipal
4930 Valença
GPS: N 42º 1’24.68’’ / W 8º 38’39.44’’
Tel.: (351) 251 809 500
E-mail: costa.metrologia@gmail.com
Open hours: Visits with prior reservation only 08h30-17h00 
On the upper part of the Municipal Market, is open to the public a show that highlights pieces like the measures of dry goods, natural calabash, top metre, standard metre, old iron and stone weights, double measurements and old scales.
Fire-fighter Manuel Valdéz Sobral Museum
Largo 7 de Julho
4930-684 Valença
GPS: N 42º 1’48.69’’/ W 8º 38’39.06’’
Tel.: (351) 251 809 000
Open hours: Monday to Friday 10h00-12h30/14h00-17h30; Saturday 14h00-17h30
This museum, located in the old military lodging-house and ex-fire station, is a result of the effort and dedication of Manuel Sobral, a volunteer at this Humanitarian Association from 1944 to 1981.
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