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Automobile Regional Museum

Rua Guerra Junqueiro - Edifício Grupo Nun´Alvares 

4820-263 Fafe

GPS: 41º27’13.55’’N 8º09’54.99’’W

Tel.: +351 253 700 400 / 253 504 294 

E-mail: geral@cm-fafe-pt

Site: www.cm-fafe.pt

Open hours: visits by appointment


This project responds to the objectives of divulgation and valorisation of antique cars and constitutes a place of local attraction

Education Museum

Rua da Escola Deolinda Leite    

4820-711 Silvares São Martinho – Fafe

GPS: 41º24’45.7”N 8º10’01.78”W

Tel.: +351 253 451 535

E-mail: freguesia.silvares@gmail.com

Open hours: visits by appointment

The old primary school was transformed into a museum, recreating the educational establishments of the period of emigration to Brazil. The space seeks to contextualize the history of the municipality, especially as it relates to the emigration and return of Brazil, from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century

Ethnotechnology and Design Centre of Golães – Straw Museum

Travessa de Pequite 

4820-461 Golães – Fafe

GPS: 41°27'16.2"N 8°11'38.0"W

Tel.: +351 253 599 076 / 253 504 294 

E-mail: freguesiadegolaes@telepac.pt

Site: http://www.cm-fafe.pt/

Open hours: visits by appointment

Space that praises straw work in the municipality. It is divided into two areas: a workshop and an exhibit room

Fafe Press Museum

Rua Major Miguel Ferreira, Edifício Casa Municipal de Cultura 

4820-276 Fafe

GPS: 41º27’02.35’’N 8º10’20.98’’W

Tel.: +351 253 700 400 / 253 504 294  

E-mail: geral@cm-fafe.pt

Site: www.cm-fafe.pt

Open hours: monday 09h00-13h00/14h00-19h00; tuesday to thursday 09h00-13h00/14h00- 17h30; friday 09h00-12h30


This space has as its main source the “O Desforço” newspaper, purchased at the end of 1994. Besides the workshop, that includes all necessary equipment for the making and printing of a newspaper, it includes numerous collections of newspapers and a diversity of publications

Interpretative Centre of Aboim

Avenida da Igreja, n.º 1   

4820-001 Aboim – Fafe

GPS: 41º32’39.31’’N 8º5’6.38’’W

Tel.: +351 964 799 753 / 965 371 845

E-mail: museuaboim@gmail.com

Site: http://http//centrointerpretativo.comunidades.net

Open hours:  always by appointment from monday to friday 10h00-17h00; also with possibility of opening at the weekend


It was born from the transformation of the former Museum of the Moinho and the People of Aboim, into an interpretive centre of excellence. From interactive exhibitions to ateliers dedicated to the confection of rye products (bread and biscuits)

Migrations and Communities Museum

R. Major Miguel Ferreira, Edifício Casa Municipal de Cultura 

4820-276 Fafe

GPS: 41º27’3.35’’N 8º10’21.98’’W

Tel.: +351 253 700 400 / 253 504 294

E-mail: geral@cm-fafe.pt

Site: http://www.museu-emigrantes.org/ / http://www.cm-fafe.pt/

Open hours: monday 09h00-13h00/14hh00-19h00; tuesday to thursday 09:00-13h00/14h00- 17h30h; friday 09h00-12h30


Its main purpose is the knowledge of Portuguese emigration, especially the one that led to Brazil and to other European countries. It also includes the phenomenon surrounding Africa

Santa Rita Hydroelectric Museum

Santa Rita    

4820-413 Fornelos – Fafe

GPS: 41º28’18.12’’N 8º11’01.76’’W

Tel.: +351 253 700 400 / 253 504 294

E-mail: geral@cm-fafe.pt

Site: www.cm-fafe.pt

Open hours: visits by appointment


It is based on the Hydroelectric Power Station, inaugurated in 1914 and deactivated already after April 25, 1974. It is the first regional museum of electricity of the country

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