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The Sta. Luzia Mountain is a breathtaking veranda over the city, the mountains, the Lima river and the Atlantic ocean. On its peak stands the Sacred Heart of Jesus Basilica, a revivalist work, initiated in 1904, by Ventura Terra. Close by exists the Sta. Luzia Fortified Settlement. Classified as MN, it is one of Northern Minho’s most important “castros” (old roman or pre-roman fortification). Areosa Little Fort: IIP, in the place with the same name, it is a small polygonal shaped defensive stronghold, inserted into the coastal defence system. In Carreço, in the place of Montedor, there are many points of interest: the Montedor Lighthouse and the Windmills, which currently make up a Museological Centre; the Montedor Little Fort and the Rupestrian Inscriptions, the last three are classified as IIP. In Afife, the S. João de Cabanas Convent: although it has undergone many alterations, its primitive foundation dates back to 564. Its current appearance is the result of a 17th century intervention. Pedro Homem de Mello once lived here. The IIP classification also includes the surrounding lands and forest. Portuzelo Castle: was ordered built by António Pereira da Cunha in 1853 and Santa Marta Stone Cross (18th century) are both IIP and can be found in Santa Marta de Portuzelo. S. Cláudio Church: MN, in Nogueira, dates back to 1145 and is one of the region’s most important romanesque examples. Lanheses Pillory: classified as IIP, it is the symbol of the municipality’s past autonomy. Santa Leocádia de Geraz do Lima Parish Church: medieval temple, classified as IIP. Romanesque Bridge, in Barroselas. S. Romão de Neiva Convent: the IIP classification includes the church, stone cross and other parts of the convent. Throughout the entire municipality it is possible to observe many old manor or emblazoned houses of great architectonic value, such as: the Torre das Neves House, IIP, a 16th century building, in Vila de Punhe; Ameal House, in Meadela; Quinta da Boa Viagem, chapel, olive grove and stone cross (CIP – Public Interest Set), in Areosa; Anha Manor House, in Vila Nova de Anha and the Lanheses Manor House, in the parish with the same name, amongst others.

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