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Watermills of Montaria Museum
Largo do Souto 
4925-490 Montaria
GPS: N 41º 47’28.36’’/ W 8º 43’43.78’’
Tel.: +351 258 809 306
E-mail :
Visits by appointment
This museum tells the story of the watermills in this mountain village and allows visiting a set of 14 small watermills, many of them still in use and running through footpath trails. The trails cross several landscapes, witnessing the farming works according to the time of the year.
Museum of Castelo do Neiva
Rua da Escola, n.º 49
Centro Cívico de Castelo de Neiva
4935-573 Castelo do Neiva
GPS: N 41º37’25.29’’/ W 8º 47’41.69’’
Tel. +351 258 871 301
E-mail :
Open Hours: Monday to Friday 15h30-19h00
The Museum shows the knowledge, artifacts and costumes used in harvesting kelp (seaweed) to fertilize the soil, a traditional activity of the land by the sea. This space also addresses the enormous potential of algae from our shores, with applications in medicine, cosmetics and food.
Seaweed Museum of Lanheses
EN 203, n.º 1478
4925-412 Lanheses
Tel. +351 258 733 280
GPS: N 41º 44’8.41’’ / W 8º 40’ 55.01’’
Open hours: Monday to Friday 09h00-12h00 / 14h00-18h00
This space reflects the traditions of the Lanheses parish and integrates an estate that houses pieces from two distinct areas: ceramics and pottery and vessels from the river Lima.
Archaeology Museum – Castelo do Neiva
Rua da Escola, n.º 49
Centro Cívico de Castelo do Neiva
4935-573 Castelo do Neiva
GPS: N 41º 37’25.29’’/ W 8º 47’41.69’’
Tel. +351 258 871 301
Open Hours: Monday to Friday15h30-19h00; Saturday and Sunday 15h00-18h30
The archaeological testimonials from the site of Castro do Monte da Guilheta, an iron-age fortified settlement, are displayed in one of the rooms of the building of the Parish Council of Castelo do Neiva, with a rich and varied collection, highlighting some brass helmets and glasses.
Archaeology Museum of Stª. Maria de Geraz do Lima
Avenida da Igreja
4905-605 Santa Maria de Geraz do Lima
GPS: N 41º 42’12.77’’/ W 8º 40’15.38’’
Tel.: +351 258 731 794
Visits by appointment
During the expansion and restoration works of the Parish Church of St. Maria de Geraz do Lima several archaeological remains were found. Following these findings, the City Hall of Viana, began an emergency excavation, which allowed collecting several valuable elements.
Agro-Maritime Museum of Carreço
Avenida Nossa Sra. da Graça, n.º 624
Sede da Junta de Freguesia
4900-045 Carreço
GPS: N 41º 44’57.48’’/ W 8º 51’54.74’’
Tel. +351 258 835 185
Open hours:  Monday to Friday 09h30-12h30 14h00-18h00
It presents an exhibition about the traditions of farming, and sea activities, such as harvesting of seaweed, fishing and shellfish gatherers, as well as a collection of Antonio Silva photographs from the 1950s and 60s.
The Museum of Decorative Arts of Viana do Castelo
Largo de S. Domingos
4900-330 Viana do Castelo
GPS: N 41º 41’29.77’’/ W 8º 50’0.04’’
Tel.: +351 258 820 377/258 809 305
Open hours: Tuesday to Sunday /Winter 10h00-13h00/15h00-18h00; Summer 10h00-13h00/15h00-19h00


The museum is composed of two different architectonic facilities, though interconnected into one sole ensemble: an 18th century manor-house and the new wing, built in 1993. It presents a diversified collection of furniture: national, European, Indo-European, Indo-Portuguese, national faience, among others, and items of decorative art. The new wing is devoted to temporary exhibitions of contemporary art. 
Casa dos Nichos Museum
Rua de Viana, n.º 66
4900-509 Viana do Castelo
GPS: N 41º 41’29.52’’/ W 8º 49’41.75’’
Tel.: +351 258 809 359
Open hours: Monday to Friday  09h00-13h00/14h00-17h00
15th century building, recently restored, hosts the part of county`s archaeological heritage. With a strong educational vocation, the visitor is invited to use multimedia means to get information about the municipality heritage, such as the iron-age settlement of Santa Luzia, the medieval tombs of Santa Maria de Geraz de Lima, or the rock engravings of Carreço.     
Montedor Windmills Museological Nucleus
Lugar de Montedor
4900-279 Carreço
GPS: N 41º 44’55.65’’/ W 8º 52’32.15’’
Tel./Fax: +351 258 809 306
Visits by appointment
The Montedor windmills are classified as Property of Public Interest and integrate the last windmill of wooden trapezoidal sails still running (typical of the North Coast of Portugal). The second mill was transformed into an interpretation centre. The mills are located in a magnificent landscape that can be visited on marked trails. The museum is a partnership with the Folklore Dance and Song Group of Carreço.
Horse Carriages Museum
Quinta da Bouça
4990-670 Santa Leocádia de Geraz do Lima
GPS: N 41º 42’10.64’’/ W 8º 39’39.52’’
Tel.: +351 258 731 162 / 967 315 308
Open hours: Saturday and Sunday 15h00-19h00; groups by previous appointment
The collection that this museum houses is the result of Dr. Lopo de Carvalho’s passion for horse carriages. Dozens of examples fabricated in various European countries and in the United States of America can be observed.
Costume Museum
Praça da República
4900-520 Viana do Castelo
Tel./Fax: +351 258 809 377
GPS: N 41º 41’36.83’’/ W 8º 49’41.41’’
Open hours: October to May: Tuesday to Sunday 10h00-13h00/15h00-18h00; June to September: Tuesday to Sunday 10h00-13h00/15h00-19h00
It presents a large collection of regional costumes from Viana do Castelo; the collection of traditional gold of the Eduardo Freitas Foundation and a room devoted to temporary exhibitions on the identity and ethnography of Alto Minho. The Museum also manages a network of five thematic museums located in the rural parishes of the municipality.
Bread Museological Nucleus
Estrada de Além do Rio, n.º 389
4925-540 Outeiro
GPS: N 41º 44’20.78’’/ W 8º 46’59.97’’
Tel./Fax: +351 258 809 306/258 829 316
Visits by appointment
The exhibition of this museum shows all the instruments with which, in traditional agriculture, maize bread or broa was prepared, from the work in the fields to the table. You can also visit a working watermill and with prior reservation corn bread can be baked and tasted.
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