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Holy Week


Bastion of Christianity since the very first centuries, and keeping its own liturgical custom since the Medieval Age, Braga is the Portuguese city that celebrates Holy Week with the most solemnity and splendour. The entire city is transformed by all its Easter decorations and processions, especially the “Penitence” that stops at each station of the cross originating a compassionate speech; and the Solemn “Senhor Ecce-Homo” Procession, preceded by various pallbearers. The “Burrinha” Procession; the very original “Teofórica do Enterro” Procession, passes through the Cathedral’s naves with the Holy Sacrament. The impressive “Enterro do Senhor” Procession closes the circle of processions and makes the City of the Archbishops feel proud of its religious metropolis parchments and of being the headquarters for the Primate Archdiocese. Also worth mentioning is the Via Sacra of Maximinos and the extensive cultural program.

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