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Alto da Cividade Roman Thermae

Rua Dr. Rocha Peixoto     

4700-033 Braga

GPS: 41º32'46.0''N 8º25'44.8'’W

Tel.: +351 253 278 455    

E-mail: termas.romanas@cm-braga.pt  

Site: www.cm-braga.pt

Open hours: monday to friday 09h30-13h00/14h00-17h30 (last entree 17h00); saturday 11h00-17h30

On the hill of the Alto da Cividade, within a large protected archaeological area, lie the Roman public baths, classified as National Monument since 1986

Biscainhos Museum

Rua dos Biscainhos   

4700-415 Braga

GPS: 41°33'04.8"N 8°25'45.6"W

Tel.: +351 253 204 650

E-mail: mbiscainhos@culturanorte.pt 

Site: http://http//museus.bragadigital.pt/Biscainhos

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Museu-dos-Biscainhos-494978067201098

Open hours: tuesday to sunday 10h00-12h30/14h00-17h30

It allows the contextualized knowledge of ornamental art collections, musical instruments, means of transportation, engraving, sculpture/carving, tiles and painting, from the period between the 17th century and the first quarter of the 19th century

Braga’s Cathedral Treasure-Museum

Rua D. Paio Mendes   

4700-424 Braga

GPS: 41º34’42.24’’N 8º27’8.17’’W

Tel.: +351 253 263 317

E-mail: info@se-braga.pt

Site: www.se-braga.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tesouro-Museu-Sé-De-Braga-355969774598868

Open hours: summer 09h00-12h30/14h00-18h30; winter 09h00-12h30/14h00-17h30

It presents a considerable collection of sacred art, jewellery, sculptures, paintings, textiles, furniture, ceramics and religious vestments that represent more than 15 centuries of art history and of the church in Braga

Cordofones Museum

Av. António Gomes Pereira, n.º 13   

4705-630 Tebosa – Braga

GPS: 41º29’18.12’’N 8º28’20.70’’W

Tel.: +351 253 673 855

E-mail: alfredo-machado@portugalmail.pt

Site: http://www.guitarrasdeportugal.com/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/museudecordofonesdomingosmachado

Open hours: monday to saturday 09h00-12h00/14h00-19h00

The collection is essentially made up of string instruments belonging to the craftsman Domingos Machado where some rare pieces are exhibited

Costume Museum of Dr. Gonçalo Sampaio

Rua do Raio, n.º 2       

4700-920 Braga

GPS: 41º32’55.1’’N 8º25’20.2’’W

Tel.: +351 960 397 504

E-mail: museudotraje.braga@gmail.com

Open hours: second and third week of each month – tuesday to saturday 14h30-17h30; in june, july and august runs throughout the all month

It highlights the ethnographic traditions of Baixo Minho, in particular, the costumes of the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the musical instruments that could never miss a popular celebration

D. Diogo de Sousa Regional Archaeology Museum

Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários  

4700-025 Braga

GPS: 41°32'45.7"N 8°25'37.8"W

Tel.: +351 253 273 706 / 253 615 844

E-mail: mdds@culturnorte.pt

Site: http://mdds.culturanorte.pt


Open hours: tuesday to sunday 10h00-17h30

This museum’s collection covers a vast chronological and cultural period, ranging from the Palaeolithic to the High Middle Ages

Idol’s Fountain

Rua do Raio      

4700- 922 Braga

GPS: 41º32'55.9''N 8º25'18.6''W

Tel.: +351 253 218 011    

E-mail: fonte.idolo@cm-braga.pt    

Site: www.cm-braga.pt

Open hours: monday to friday 09h30-13h00/14h00-17h30 (last entree 17h00); saturday 11h00-17h30

Built early in the first century, the rupestrian sanctuary that is now known as the Idol Fountain, classified as a National Monument, was targeted between 2001 and 2004 for important works of musealization

Image Museum

Campo das Hortas, n.º 35 a 37  

4700-421 Braga

GPS: 41º33’00.8’’N 8º25’45.7’’W

Tel.: +351 253 278 633

E-mail: museu.imagem@cm-braga.pt

Open hours: tuesday to friday 11h00-18h30; saturday and sunday 14h30-18h30; in july and august ends on sunday

Occupying one of the towers of the ancient medieval wall, this museum shelters a collection of images that portray experiences and life styles since the early 20th century until present day

Memories Interpretative Centre of Misericórdia of Braga

Palácio do Raio - Rua do Raio, n.º 400  

4700-920 Braga

GPS: 41º32’54.46’’N 8º25’20.92’’ W

Tel.: +351 253 206 520

E-mail: cimmb.praio@scmbraga.pt

Site: http://www.scmbraga.pt/

Open hours: tuesday to saturday 10h00-13h00/14h30-18h30 (last entree 18h00)

It gathers pieces of sacred art, textiles, painting, sculpture, goldsmithery, ceramics, medical and pharmaceutical utensils, from the 16th to the 21st centuries

Nogueira da Silva Museum

Avenida Central, n.º 61  

4710-228 Braga

GPS: 41º33’7.07’’N 8º25’18.39’’W

Tel.: +351 253 601 275

E-mail: sec@mns.uminho.pt

Site: www.mns.uminho.pt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Museu-Nogueira-da-Silva-168407656543789

Open hours:

Museum – tuesday to friday 10h00-12h00/14h00-17h00; saturday 14h00-17h00;

Gallery – tuesday to friday 10h00-12h00/14h00-18h30; saturday 14h00-18h30

It gathers a set of painting, sculpture, furniture, jewellery, glass, tapestry, fabric and porcelain collections

S. Martinho de Tibães Monastery

R. do Mosteiro, n.º 59   

4700-565 Mire de Tibães – Braga

GPS: 41º32’21.65’’N 8º28’43.53’’W

Tel.: +351 253 622 670

E-mail: msmtibaes@culturanorte.pt

Site: www.mosteirodetibaes.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mosteirotibaes

Open hours: april to october 10h00-19h00; november to march 10h00-18h00;

Closed on mondays, 1st january, Easter Sunday, 1st may, 24th june (municipal holiday) and 25th december

The Monastery is constituted by the church, conventual wings and outer space, also known as the convent hedge

Pio XII Museum – Medina Gallery – Medieval Tower

Largo de Santiago, n.º 47   

4704-532 Braga

GPS: 41º32’54.07’’N 8º25’32.28’’W

Tel.: +351 253 200 130

E-mail: geral@museupioxii.com

Site: www.museupioxii.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/museupio/

Open hours: tuesday to sunday and holidays 09h30-12h30/14h30-18h00

With a vast collection in numismatics, ceramics, textiles, sculptures, paintings and jewellery

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