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Braga, city of multiple and peculiar habits, simultaneously asserts itself as historical and modern, where innovation and tradition are beautifully united. Secular city with deeply rooted religious customs, Braga has, in its numerous baroque churches with rich detailed carvings, the ex-libris of a place where festivities like Holy Week, S. João and “Braga Romana” (Roman Braga: the recreation of Roman times) attract thousands of visitors. Very metropolitan, life in Braga revolves around its university campus and its many commercial and service areas, as well as its lively nightlife, many cultural and recreational spaces and a calendar of shows and events that is always inviting.

Today Braga is a multifaceted, multicoloured and dynamic city, displaying, with confidence, a variety of prosper and successful sceneries, some of which include important areas such as culture, commercial trade, industry and services. Braga possesses many breathtaking panoramic views of the city that reach far into the horizons of dreams and tranquillity. The city also benefits from an excellent geographical situation that allows, through quick and easy routes, a rapid connection to the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, to other inland cities or even to the coastal region.
Since ancient times, Braga has been sowed with unique ceremonies and remarkable monuments that reflect a strong religious tradition. The city's Cathedral is one shining example of an antiquity that remains attractive and beautiful, boasting both treasures and grandeur. The municipal libraries, the universities and all the other educational and cultural institutions simmer with events and people, searching for the knowledge and techniques that guarantee the identity, awareness and greatness of this August Archbishop City.
Throughout the city one can find an extensive and valuable set of municipal structures that offer residents pleasant and suitable places where sports and recreation can be practiced as a healthy benefit to their spare time.
The tourism triangle opens its doors to a world of inexpressible natural and architectonical beauty, draping its delicate veil and sweet gentleness upon every single visitor of our city, always welcoming and friendly.
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