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The City


There is a lot to discover in Barcelos’ historical centre, starting with its amazing mother church and the Counts of Barcelos Palace. In this beautiful area, overlooking the Cávado river and from where the medieval bridge, the Ponte chapel and the Franqueira Mountain can also be seen, don't forget to admire the grandeur of the building that houses City Hall, the Pinheiros Manor House and the picturesque Apoio Square. In Dr. Martins Lima Squate, there is the Gil Vicente Theater, the historic house of spectacles now renovated and a space of reference of the territory. Let the Direita Street take you to a pleasant pedestrian and shopping area with buildings of great interest, but before that, take a look at the S. Francisco chapel. Ahead, you’ll find the Porta Nova Square that, with its many esplanades, invites you to stop for a much deserved rest. At this square, besides the Porta Nova Tower – operating since 2013 as Interpretation Center of the Rooster and the City of Barcelos –, lies the beautiful Barrocas Garden, which borders the Bom Jesus da Cruz Temple and surrounds the Republic Square, this last place refreshed by a beautiful fountain. At the other side of the Campo da Feira, lies the City Park inviting the visitor to rest and leisure around, and visit the Church of Misericórdia for meditation. Nearby are the Terço Church and the 5 de Outubro Plaza, that now houses the Bandstand which was once in the City’s Park and, later, the Church of Santo António. Imagine yourself living in one of the many and magnificent manor houses that embellish various parts of the city.


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