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Municipality Edified Heritage

Celtic and Roman Monument in Santa Maria de Galegos: MN, in the parish of Galegos Santa Maria. Bath structure dated from the Iron Age, and early Roman period. Faria Castle Ruins: MN, in the parish of Pereira and Gilmonde. Occupied during the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Roman Era and the Middle Ages. “Forno dos Mouros” Ruins: IIP, a roman bathhouse from the Iron Age, in the parish of Carvalhas. S. Mamede Fortification: a large pre roman settlement, in the parishes of Vila Cova and Feitos. Mondim Church and Necropolis: from the pre-romanesque period, in the parish of Panque. Nossa Senhora da Franqueira Hermitage: IIP, is located at the parish of Pereira, built early 15th century. Nossa Senhora Aparecida Sanctuary: 18th century temple and an important place of pilgrimage, in the parish of Balugães. Santa Maria de Abade de Neiva Church: MN, in the parish of Abade de Neiva. Its foundation is attributed to the Queen D. Mafalda (early 12th century) and, although some authors prefer to attribute it to the 14th century, it still has various traces of its romanesque structure. Manhente Church and Tower: MN, in the parish of Manhente. Temple of romanesque features boasts a quadrangular tower that it might have served as a defensive watch-tower. Convent and Church of Vilar de Frades: MN, it’s one of the most remarkable convents of the Minho region. Fountain in the Patio of the Old Vilar de Frades Convent: MN, in Areias de Vilar. Passion of Christ Staircase: in Cambeses, dated of the 19th century. Santo António de Vessadas House: the IIP classification includes the chapel and gardens. Manor house located in Barcelinhos overlooking the river Cávado. Azevedos Manor House: in the parish of Lama, a palace-like construction with medieval architecture. Bridges: Tábuas (from the 12th century, in the parishes of Aguiar and Balugães), Anhel (from the 13th century, in Alheira) and Fragoso (from the 16th century, in the parish with the same name).


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